Kitchen Remodel Timeline

Kitchen Remodel Time Line- from Start to Finish

Part 1

Preliminary meeting

It all starts with a visit to our showroom where we get to know one another and provide you with the opportunity to become familiar with our cabinet lines and how we go about designing your custom living space. We give you an overview of our custom cabinet lines and countertops as well as determine the construction needs of your project.

If the timing is appropriate, we will schedule a measurement of the spaces you want included in your project. If you have plans with you, we will make copies to use.

First Planning session

Once we have the measurements, we will begin the planning process.  This may include the following:

  • Plans for the space being designed
  • Appliance specs
  • Determination of a budget
  • Choice of cabinet line
  • Timeline for completion

Second Planning session

From all of the above several computer designs will be drawn for your review in our showroom at the next meeting. This meeting will be a detail driven meeting and changes will be made, accessories added, and, cabinet lines finalized in order to begin the pricing phase.

Third Planning/Pricing review session

At this meeting revisions will be viewed from the previous conversation and will present you with pricing options. At this point, we formalize our relationship with you through a design retainer.

Part 2

 After securing a retainer, we will continue to refine all aspects of the project including:

  • Finalize plans with measurements
  • Finalize cabinetry selection- cabinet vendor, wood species, door style, color
  • Order sample doors if necessary
  • Confirm appliance specs
  • Finalize accessories
  • Finalize Countertop selection
  • Prepare a Contract will all details included for your review, signature and deposit –Our contract always include all cabinetry, freight and delivery to site, and installation

Part 3

Upon acceptance of the contract and 50% deposit. The ordering process begins. We will:

  • Confirm measurements/site overview.. We will provide assistance to the contractor as appropriate to address questions that may arise.
  • Confirm timeline with any appropriate trades and coordinate all deliveries
  • Delivery- Our team will handle delivery, insuring complete and accurate receipt of the cabinetry.
  • Installation– our meticulous installation teams work hand in hand with the designer
  • Designer site visits
  • Punch list/Walk through– Preliminary walk through to determine any need to finalize the project. If additional parts are needed and any modifications are needed we will discuss the timing.
  • Final walk through. The designer will review the completed project with the client to make sure that every aspect of the completed work is to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Final paperwork sent to customer– THANK YOU !

A kitchen remodel has many moving parts! The following is a typical construction sequence for a remodeling project. These individual aspects will be accomplished through the General Contractor and or Cabinet Encounters:

  1. Contract signed with Cabinet Encounters
  2. Demolition of existing space.
  3. Rough construction of new space.
  4. Electrical and plumbing rough-in.
  5. Sub-flooring and wall construction.
  6. Flooring installation and rough finish.
  7. Cabinet positioning and setting.
  8. Cabinet decorative panel installation.
  9. Countertop measurements/templates.
  10. Electrical trim.
  11. Appliance installation.
  12. Countertop installation.
  13. Plumbing connections.
  14. Finish floors.
  15. Install toe kick and crown trim for cabinetry.
  16. Install backsplash and lighting.
  17. Cabinetry adjustment.

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